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October 2005

Catalonian medical history museum website in English

By Biomedicine in museums

One of the many European medical history museums, the Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya in Barcelona, has now produced an English version of their website. That’s more than we can provide at the moment … 🙂 They seem to be interested mainly in the period before mid-20th century. For more info, contact Dr. Alfons Zarzoso, Curator, Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya, Passage Mercader 11, Barcelona E-08008, e-mail:

Conference: Vital Politics II: Health, Medicine, and Bioeconomics into the 21st Century

By Biomedicine in museums

Following the success of the first Vital Politics conference at the London School of Economics in 2003, the BIOS Centre is organising “Vital Politics II: Health, Medicine and Bioeconomics into the 21st century”. As before, focus will be on work that is empirically grounded but conceptually novel. The conference will be held 8-10 September 2006. Further details and a call for papers will be forthcoming. In the meantime, please mark your diaries and watch this space for more soon.
(from A V Jensen, Bios, LSE)

A Most Unruly Kind of Objects

By Biomedicine in museums

This draft paper was presented in the session ‘Carnevalesque medicine’ at the annual meeting of the Society of Social Studies of Science, Pasadena, Ca., 20-22 October, 2005. If you cite this paper, please refer to the following url:

Thomas Söderqvist, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen (
A Most Unruly Kind of Objects: Biomedical researchers as indeterminate singularities and ‘queer’ subjectivities

I would like to start by saying a few introductory words about the background for this session. Read More

Forskere på bloggen

By Biomedicine in museums

Nu har Universitetsavisen ved Københavns Universitet fået øje på Medical Museion Weblog — se artiklen “Forskere på bloggen” i nr. 13/2005 (13. oktober), s. 14 (pdf-fil her). Den handler primært om erfaringerne med vores egen blog. Lisbeth Klastrup på IT-universitetet (som har læst artikeln) har for øvrigt skrevet en god artikel om forskerblogger.

And you could add many more: The University of Chicago Law School just started The Faculty Blog. A group of philosophers of biology started Philosophy of Biology last January.

New journal: Genomics, Society and Policy

By Biomedicine in museums

Take a look at Genomics, Society and Policy — a new peer reviewed online journal initiated by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (CESAGen) in Lancaster/Cardiff. The aim is

to provide an outlet for interdisciplinary research on the social, ethical and legal aspects of genomics and related emergent technologies such as nanotechnology and stem cell research. GSP welcomes submissions from sociological, philosophical, anthropological, legal, historical and other perspectives. We welcome submissions concerned with human medical issues, environmental impacts, human/animal relations and animal ethics. The journal will from time to time have themed special issues.

Sounds good! I wonder if they will accept papers about the material history of genomics? Or the public engagement in ditto? It’s definitely worth trying.