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March 2006

Short resumé of 'The Value of Objects, Materials and Practices' workshop, Lancaster University, 15 March

By Biomedicine in museums

Marta de Menezes, Nuclear Family (2004)
(a rendition of gene array analysis, see more of Marta de Menesez’ work here)
And here’s a short resumé of ‘The Value of Objects, Materials and Practices’ workshop at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Lancaster University last Wednesday, a meeting which focused on gene arrays as scientific, museum and art objects:
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Visualization of …

By Biomedicine in museums

Just a spontaneous spin-off thought inspired by Susanne‘s project on the visualization of epidemiology — I fell across the Information Aesthetics blog with the subtitle “form follows data – towards creative information visualization”. I like the range of creative possibilities, e.g. this pic:

“an interactive photo mosaic of a graphical icon or logo made up of hundreds of relevant website screenshots, demonstrating the concept ‘a picture is worth a thousand websites'”.
(see the original interactive collage at
Would this interactive visualization make sense in the popular understanding of epidemiology?