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Biomedicine in museums

Dialogue about science communication

By December 21, 2011No Comments

If you are speaking French, this bilingual meeting, titled Science Communication: International Perspectives, Issues and Strategies, to be held in Nancy, 4-7 September, could be very relevant for university museum people:

Universities and research organisations are vibrant communities fully engaged in science communication. Their actions are all the more important because the relationship between science, technology and society at large is at the heart of current debate, particularly at a time when the rapid expansion of digital technology opens up uncountable modes of interaction between producers and users of information. This conference intends to take a closer look at the new forms of dialogue between those who are directly involved in the production of knowledge and those for whom ethical, political and economic questions linked to research and its outcomes are considered just as important as the progress of knowledge.

The organisers want proposals for the following themes (deadline 10 February):

  • The specificity of science communication in universities and research centres
  • Public policy with regard to science communication
  • Collaborative work and partnership
  • Target audiences for science communication
  • New tools, new practices

More here.

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