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August 2004

Sessioner og papers om "Biomedical sciences" ved 4S-EASST-konferencen i Paris, 24.-28. augusti 2004

By Biomedicine in museums

(Her er programmet til sessionerne om biomedicinske videnskaber ved 4S-EASST’s møde i Paris 24. – 28. august 2004 (+links til papers). Det giver et fint øjebliksbillede af hvad der foregår på STS-området mht. “recent biomedicine” lige nu:

Session Emerging Stem Cell Strategies: Practices, Rhetorics, Policies (S19) > Abstract
Session Organisers : GOTTWEIS, Herbert; HOGLE, Linda

KULAWIK, Teresa : The Politics of Stem Cells in Sweden. Explaining Liberal Regulations in a Social Democratic State > Abstract
CHRISTIANSEN, Morten : Stem Cells of America: Boundary Objects and Obligatory Point of Passage > Abstract
FARRANDS, Alice : “Interlocking Heresies”: Ethics, Bioethics and the Governance of Stem Cell Research > Abstract
PRAINSACK, Barbara : Negotiating life: The Biopolitics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning in Israel > Abstract
WALDBY, Catherine : Biological insurance: cord blood banking, therapeutic cloning and the growth in autologous service industries > Abstract or Full Paper
KATER, Loes : The UK Stem Cell Bank as an important link to future stem cell therapy > Abstract
HOGLE, Linda : Engraftment Strategies: Relations of Policy-making and Research in Stem Cell Biology > Abstract
GOTTWEIS, Herbert : Rhetorics of Stem Cell Policy: Comparing the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom > Abstract

Session Subjectivity and citizenship (S25) > Abstract
Session Organisers : TAUSSIG, Karen-Sue; SUNDERRAJAN, Kaushik

TAUSSIG, Karen-Sue : Mining DNA: Science, the State, and the Production of Genomic Citizens > Abstract
SUNDERRAJAN, Kaushik : Sovereign Consumers- Sovereign States: Transnational Configurations of Genomics > Abstract
BECK, Stefan : Biobanks, Identity and Postcoloniality in Cyprus > Abstract
SMITH, Sarah : Are the common diseases being geneticised? Examining the production of knowledge within clinical practice. > Abstract
MURTAGH, Madeleine; HEAVEN, Ben : The epistemological status of patients in a randomised controlled trial > Abstract
NERESINI, Federico : Eve’s sons. The debate on human cloning in the Italian press after Raelians’ announcement > Abstract
RUDINOW SAETNAN, Ann; SOLBJØR, Marit : Resisting medicalisation? Fragmented reasons for accepting invitations to screening programs. > Abstract or Full Paper

Session “Race” and “sex”-“gender” in the German life sciences (S74) > Abstract
Session Organisers : BFSSW (Berlin Feminist Science Studies Workgroup)

MAUSS, Baerbel : The Gendered Genes? > Abstract
SCHLUENDER, Martina : The bounded Stork: “Biopolitics” and the “Genealogies” of Reproductive Medicine in Nazi Germany > Abstract
SPOERRI, Myriam : Blood as a marker of “race” and “gender”: On the history of seroanthropology in Weimar Germany > Abstract
BAUER, Susanne : “Ethnicity”-“race” and “sex”-“gender” in German epidemiology in the late 20th century > Abstract
HANKE, Christine : Blurring Boundaries _ “Race” and” Sex” in 1900 German Physical Anthropology > Abstract

Session Socializing Stem Cells: Innovations in Legal, Scientific, and Ethical Cultures (S114) > Abstract
Session Organisers : SPERLING, Stefan; TESTA, Giuseppe

SONG, Priscilla : Stemming Conunums: Epistemological challenges in analyzing the rhetorics and practices of American stem cell research > Abstract
BHARADWAJ, Aditya; GLASNER, Peter : “Spare embryos and Biotech Futures”: Embryonic Stem Cell Research in India > Abstract or Full Paper
TESTA, Giuseppe : Social and legal dimensions of genome reprogramming > Abstract
SPERLING, Stefan : Connecting Is and Ought: Routinizing Transcendence in Bioethics > Abstract

Session “Race” in the Genomic Era: The Politics of Identifying Difference (S47) > Abstract
Session Organisers : LEE, Sandra Soo-Jin; KAHN, Jonathan

LEE, Sandra Soo-Jin : Race, Genomics, and Social Justice: Approaching Difference as Disparities > Abstract
KAHN, Jonathan : State-ing Race: The Regulatory Construction of Racial Categories in the Federal Administration of Health Care > Abstract
NELSON, Alondra : “A World of Difference”: Genomics, Micro-Racialization and Diasporic Genealogies > Abstract
MOSEBY, Kevin M. : Displacing the Standard Human, Racializing Clinical Trials: Tensions over the Biomedical Implications of Racial Difference in the AIDSVAX Vaccine > Abstract
REUTER, Shelley : Reifying “Race”: A Critical Sociology of Amaurotic Family Idiocy (Tay-Sachs Disease) and the Medical Construction of Jews > Abstract
SKINNER , David : The dance of nature and culture: understanding the new biopolitics of “race” > Abstract
POLLOCK, Anne : “Type A Personality” to “Race-Based Discrimination at Work”: Tracking Discourses of Heart Disease Risk, Mid-century to Millenium > Abstract

Session Hormonal Effects-Local Biologies: Marking Difference in the Science of Hormones (S66) > Abstract
Session Organisers : MORGAN, Lynn M.; ROBERTS, Elizabeth

GOODMAN, Alan : Running, Rage and Arithmetic: The Changing Significance of Endocrine Differences Among “Races” > Abstract
ROBERTS, Elizabeth : Women Bodies, Women’s Work: Infertility Hormones in the United States and Ecuador > Abstract or Full Paper
PINTO, Sarah : Birth by the Needle: The politics of oxytocin, progress, and home-birth in rural north India > Abstract
LAYNE, Linda L. : The Home Pregnancy Test: A Feminist Technology? > Abstract
MORGAN, Lynn M : Choosing Sex: Judging Sexual (Re)assignment in Infancy versus in Adulthood > Abstract

Session Time And DNA-Technology (S84) > Abstract
Session Organisers : HUIJER, Marli ; HARBERS, Hans

HUIJER, Marli; HARBERS, Hans : The doings of times in DNA-technologies > Abstract
KOCH, Lene; NORDAHL SVENDSEN, Mette : “The journey of the gene”: pasts conceptualised and futures imagined > Abstract or Full Paper
CHAMPENOIS ROUSSEAU, Bénédicte : Matters of time: making up time, pregnant women, foetuses and families in prenatal screening practise > Abstract or Full Paper
HELEN, Ilpo : Risk, hope and temporality: high-tech medicine and personal futures > Abstract
DOWNING, Claudia : Concepts of time and accountability in families facing late-onset genetic disorders > Abstract
MARANTA, Alessandro : Genetic Testing Is Making “Us”: Parliament As A Site For Innovation > Abstract
BROWN, Nik : Novel temporalities: The emergence of “the new” in the “new genetics” > Abstract

Session Microbiopolitics (S92) > Abstract
Session Organisers : HELMREICH, Stefan; PAXSON, Heather

HELMREICH, Stefan : The Microbially Modified Ocean > Abstract
PAXSON, Heather : Cheese Cultures, or Camembert meets French DNA > Abstract
NELSON, Diane : Microbes that Matter: Malarial Politics in Guatemala > Abstract

Session Science, violence and the body (S120) > Abstract
Session Organisers : BASTOS, Cristiana;

ROQUE, Ricardo : “Skull hunters”: physical anthropology and colonial action > Abstract
BASTOS, Cristiana : Migrating bodies: anthropology, colonialism and the “sciences” of race and aclimatation > Abstract
VARANDA, Jorge : Engineering native labour: diamond mining in colonial Angola > Abstract
MENESES, Paula : The body under wars: the case of Mozambique > Abstract
PORTO, Nuno : Designing nativeness in colonial Angola > Abstract
BRANQUINHO, Fátima : Who is the owner of health? Comparative research carried out in Vigário Geral slum and in scientific institutions in Rio de Janeiro city _ Brazil > Abstract
LACHENAL : Monkeys, Butchers, Virologists and HIV emergence in Post-colonial Cameroon > Abstract

Session Tested bodies- genetics and diagnostics (S149) > No abstract

BELTRAME, Lorenzo : Negotiating the boundary of human life. The debate on the human embryo research in the Italian daily press > Abstract
VASSY, Carine : « People are voting with their feet ». Social construction of public needs in the field of prenatal screening > Abstract
FROST, Robert : Commercial genetic testing: A medical Revolution Turning into a Cycle of hype? > Abstract
WEINER, Kate : A genomic future for coronary heart disease? > Abstract
HOPKINS, Michael : Exploring technological change in hospital-centred networks: Genetic testing and the clinical- research nexus > Abstract
GLASNER, Peter; MCNALLY, Ruth : Crafting Doable Proteomics > Abstract
WIESER, Bernhard; KARNER, Sandra; BERGER, Wilhelm : Who is responsible for distributed action? On the paradoxes of prenatal testing. > Abstract or Full Paper
BOURRET, Pascale : Beyond multidisciplinarity: clinical collectives and the production of cancer genetics practices > Abstract
LATIMER, Joanna : Categorising the genetic: the interaction of the clinic, genetic technology and the family in the construction of a genetic future. > Abstract or Full Paper

Session Anomalous bodies (S153) > No abstract

MARTIN, Aryn : Gods and Micromonsters: Invisibility, immanence and individuality in human genetic chimeras > Abstract
CLARKE, Adele : Immodest Witnessing and the Problem of Subjects Who Speak > Abstract
RICHARDSON, Alan : Managing Expertise in Times of Crisis: Ignorance Management and Public Proof during the SARS Outbreak in Canada > Abstract
FAULKNER, Alex; KENT, Julie; GEESINK, Ingrid : Purity and the dangers of innovative therapies: re-ordering regulation and governance in the shaping of tissue-engineered medical technology > Abstract or Full Paper

Session Professional Expertise and Everyday Anxieties: Issues in the Medicalization of Sexuality (S155a) > Abstract
Session Organisers : MARSHALL, Barbara L.

HEALY, David : Female Sexual Dysfunction: Creating Consensus > Abstract
GIAMI, Alain : Gender stereotypes in sexology and sexual dysfunction research > Abstract or Full Paper
TIEFER, Leonore : The Branding of “sexual dysfunction” > Abstract

Session Constructing sexual bodies: gender, race and age (S155b) > Abstract
Session Organisers : MARSHALL, Barbara L.

MARSHALL, Barbara L : Climacteric Redux? (Re) Medicalizing the Male Menopause > Abstract
NJAMBI, Wairimu : Eve Ensler’s Framing of African Women in The Vagina Monologues > Abstract

Session Gendered medicine (S187) > Abstract

ANDERSON, Meredith; MILLER, Paige; SHRUM, Wesley : Gender and Class in the Distribution of Reproductive Technologies > Abstract
SANABRIA, Emilia : Hormonal contraceptives and the regulation of fertility in Brazil > Abstract
SAUKKO, Paula : From normalization to bioindividualty: genomic thrombophilia and gendered contradictions of personalised medicine > Abstract
STINE, Adrian : The ultrasound scanner, the doctor, her patients and the embryos- When new stories of creation are staged, on the ultrasound scanner at the fertility clinic > Abstract

Session “Author meets Critics”: Annemarie Mol, “The Body Multiple: Ontology in Medical Practice”. (AMC Mol) > Abstract
Session Organisers : EPSTEIN, Steven

LOCK, Margaret : No paper available
RABEHARISOA, Vololona : No paper available or Full Paper (This document is in Adobe Acrobat Format. You can download the plugin here )
TIMMERMANS, Stefan : No paper available

Session “Author meets Critics”: Jean Langford, “Fluent Bodies: Ayurvedic Remedies for Postcolonial Imbalance”. (AMC Langford) > Abstract
Session Organisers : SUMMERTON, Jane

AKRICH, Madeleine : No paper available or Full Paper (This document is in Adobe Acrobat Format. You can download the plugin here )
DOWNEY, Gary : No paper available
VERRAN, Helen : No paper available

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