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Biomedicine in museums

A banner — at last

By October 17, 2008No Comments

Just a few years ago, this museum with its old buildings, rich collections, and esoteric research projects was one of the best preserved secrets in the Danish museum world. Few members of the public knew about our existence.

But now we are gradually opening up the place, with new temporary exhibitions, expanded regular opening hours, etc. Part of the visibility strategy has been to put up a banner on the front facade. Which hasn’t been easy, because you are not allowed to put anything on our classified buildings (or on the interior walls, for that sake) without the permission of The Heritage Agency of Denmark. So we’ve spent years (literally) on correspondence forth and back to satisfy the agency’s strict aesthetic requirements.

Please don’t ask how many hours we’ve spent negotiating the colour, size and font of this piece of plastic (some things in museum life do not always come easily, and heritage agencies aren’t among the most creative government bodies when it comes to design restrictions).

But, at last, here it is — Medical Museion’s first banner (the ‘drops’ at the bottom is the logo of the Faculty of Health Sciences).

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