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History of Genetics Day, Norwich 2009

By December 12, 2008No Comments

A History of Genetics Day will take place at the John Innes Centre, Norwich (UK) on 9 September 2009. An international line-up of historians of science will speak, including

  • Robert Olby: William Bateson and the establishment of the John Innes Horticultural Institution
  • Marsha Richmond: Institutionalizing Mendelism: Women in the John Innes Workforce
  • Donald Forsdyke: William Bateson’s contributions to evolutionary theory
  • Ted Porter: Biometry and the question of blending inheritance
  • Oren Harman: Evolutionary chromosomes: C. D. Darlington and Cytogenetics
  • Jenny Marie: Genetics in 1930s Britain: a context for genetics at the John Innes Horticultural Institution and the Plant Breeding Institute
  • Soraya de Chadarevian: Genetics in the atomic age
  • Mike Gale: From Plant Breeding Institute to Crop Genetics
  • Keith Chater: Focus and diversity in the history of bacterial genetics
  • Sabina Leonelli: Arabidopsis, the botanical Drosophila: from thale cress to model organism

The conference will be accompanied by a historical exhibition drawing on the John Innes Foundation Historical Collections. More info here.

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