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Biomedicine in museums

Group image of the History of Biomedical Research Interest Group

More results of playing with Wordle: here are the 221 members of the History of Biomedical Research Interest Group (BRHIG) gathered for a ‘group picture’:

A nice touch is that Wordle incidentally uses its one and only institutional member (because it has such a long name) as a ‘rope’ from which the rest of the group hangs. And please note that it’s Wordle that situates me right in the middle, below a lila coloured Carsten Timmermann.

If you want an enlarged and printable cloud, click this image:

And if you want to construct similar images from other digitalised membership directories, note that it took approx. one (!) hour for the data to travel forth and back between my computer and Wordle’s server to transform BRHIG’s membership list into a cloud! Okay, I could do other things simultaneously, but it’s not a rapid thing to do.

I should add that the BRHIG is open to everyone interested in the history of biomedical research:

In addition to the presentation and discussion of work-in-progress, the group will serve as a forum for discussion of issues of common interest, such as the identification and development of source materials; the uses and pitfalls of oral histories in research; and collaborations between historians and the biomedical community.

Register as a member here.

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