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1001 blog posts later — almost four years old

By November 21, 2008No Comments

The first regular post (in Danish) on this blog was published almost four years ago. Since then we have grown from a handfull of local readers to between eight and nine thousand visitors per month worldwide.

Our ambition has been to post something every day (at least Mondays through Fridays) that is relevant for the field of biomedical museology. And we’ve almost made it (at least the frequency part). Yesterday, we published post #1001 — a review by our senior curator Søren Bak-Jensen of the new online exhibition ‘Making Visible Embryos‘ by Cambridge historians of science Tatjana Buklijas and Nick Hopwood.

Why celebrate post #1001 and not #1000? Remember the old Persian story One Thousand and One Nights? About how Sheherazade avoided being killed by the evil king by telling him a new exciting story each night. After one thousand and one nights the king had been morally transformed and married her.

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