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What's a 'liquid image'? Find out at the "Gazing into the 21st century: against 'Analpha-BILD-ismus'"–conference on images in art, science and popular culture, Göttweig, 16-18 October

What’s a ‘liquid image’ (or ‘the liquidity of the image’ for that sake)? The answer may be given at the Second International Conference on Image Science in the Göttweig Monastery near Vienna, 16-18 October.

The conference — which is organized by the Department für Bildwissenschaften at Donau Universität Krems (with the witty German subtitle Wider den ‘Analpha-BILD-ismus’) — will discuss the classification and historiography of the recent worlds of images in art, science and popular culture; and there is something in it for museums too:

Never before the world of images has changed so fast and the way images are produced transformed so drastically like in the latest presence: Second Life, Micromovies, Flickr, Virtual Reality, You Tube, Visual Music, Scientific Visualisation, Google Earth etc. are keywords standing for a multitude of new possibilities for individual producing, projecting and distributing of visual material […] Which artistic inspirations new worlds of images have to face? What influence does the medium have on the iconic character of the image? What chances and challenges do museums and image dealers face with the “liquidity” of the image?

Probably some of the keynote speakers — Felice Frankel (Harvard, MIT), Barbara Stafford (Chicago) and Peter Weibel (ZKM) — or other announced speakers will explain what the ‘liquidity’ of the image means and how this is relevant for science, medical and technology museums. Much more info here:

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