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Biomedicine in museums

Books for the summer vacation

Here are the books I brought for the summer vacation (they do fit together in my own mind, somehow):

J. Craig Venter, A life decoded: my genome, my life (Viking, 2007) – see earlier post.

David Edwards, Artscience: creativity in the post-Google generation (Harvard University Press, 2008) – see post on Tuesday (I hope).

Eric Margolis and Stephen Laurence (eds), Creations of the mind: theories of artifacts and their representation (Oxford University Press, 2007) – to be reviewed for Isis.

Mark Paterson, The senses of touch: haptics, affects and technologies (Berg, 2007) – much needed food for our next research application to the Danish Strategic Research Council.

Slavoj Zizek, Violence: Six sideways reflections (Profile Books, 2008) – Zizek keeps one’s critical mind alive!

Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Multitude: war and democracy in the age of empire (Hamish Hamilton, 2004) – I have to re-read it to understand what they really mean by ‘multitude’.

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