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Danish postdoc fellowship in art and biosciences

By December 30, 2012No Comments

Here at Medical Museion we’re interested in hosting future recipients of the recently announced Mads Øvlisen postdoc fellowship in art and biosciences.

Beginning in 2013, the Novo Nordisk Foundation awards a 2-year postdoc fellowship in art and biosciences, aimed at giving “outstanding younger researchers the possibility, as part of their research career, to conduct larger high-quality research projects, and through that yield a significant contribution to art-related research in Denmark”. The total award is 1 mill. for salary and operational expenses.

The Foundation is looking for applicants “whose research project examines the interdisciplinary field of art and life sciences, including technological offshoots of science”. Applicants must have obtained a PhD or have similar scientific qualifications, and note that the foundation doesn’t give fellowships to applicants who have already begun a postdoc programme.

Applications (in Danish or English) must be submitted electronically via the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s web portal by 1 February, 2013 before 4 pm. The selection procedure will take place by the end of March 2013 and the fellowships will be available from April 2013 and  not later than April 2014.

Medical Museion has no part whatsoever in the announcement or selection process, but — given our research profile and earlier practice in the medicine-art/design interface — we’re of course very interested in considering hosting the successful fellowship applicant. So if you are thinking of applying for the fellowship and not yet have any affiliation with a Danish university or research institution, you’re welcome to contact us (for addresses, see here).

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