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Biomedicine in museums

Visualization in biomedicine — last issue of Die Gegenwort

By December 1, 2008No Comments

If you are interested in visualization in biomedicine (and read German) you might want to take a look at the autumn 2008 issue of the journal Die Gegenwort that focuses on visualization in science. Some articles look relevant for medical museum curators, for example:

  • “Was heißt ‘Iconic/Visual Turn’?”, in which Doris Bachmann-Medick asks if the iconic/visual is opposed to words.
  • “Visuelle Evidenz in der Biomedizin”, in which Frank Rösl takes a look at the Western Blot
  • “Unter Beobachtung”, in which Ingeborg Reichle looks into the laboratory
  • “‘Nature’ über ‘Pictures'”, in which Horst Bredekamp takes a close look at Nature magazine’s piictures.

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