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Biomedicine in museums

Recent biomedicine and vitality

PS to last post: don’t miss the Medical Museion/’Biomedicine on Display’-born session “Recent biomedicine and vitality” on Wednesday 4 june at 15.45-17.15 in the Virchow-Raum, Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus. The session is chaired by Jan Eric Olsén and contains the following papers:

  • Sniff Andersen Nexø: A matter of disposal: Enacting aborted foetuses in hospitals.
  • Hanne Jessen: Vitality of a scientific model: The coming into being and trajectory of a new laboratory animal.
  • Susanne Bauer: Risk assessment software and the biopolitics of prevention.
  • Jan Eric Olsén: Life struggles and the invaded body.
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