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Biomedicine in museums

Postgrad course on gendered body visualisations

By February 15, 2011No Comments

Why not attend a postgrad course on “Body images: gender inside/outside” in Paris with Lisa Cartwright, Adele Clarke and André Gunthert, 10-13 April:

The last few decades have witnessed rapid developments and innovations in visualization techniques. This is the case for a wide variety of visualization genres, whether in scientific fields, in the fashion industry or in the arts. There are, however, overlaps of style as well as techniques between different genres. As Lisa Cartwright notes, there is a symbiotic relationship between scientific and popular imaging technologies. In a similar vein, we find an interaction between art and science in the genre known as bio-art. In this PhD course/Research workshop we will explore images of relevance to the study of gendered bodies. This is an interdisciplinary course, and the concept of “body images” is to be understood in a broad sense, as transcending the categories of art and science, including art history.

More here. Application deadline: 20 February.

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