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Biomedicine in museums

Please, someone, put together a website about bars, cafés and restaurants with medical motifs

By September 17, 2008No Comments

Eager to train myself for the role of a future biocitizen, I’ve looked in vain for a guide to bars, cafés and restaurants with medical motifs. I mean, if Jessica hadn’t put this pic online, I wouldn’t have known that there is a Pharmacy Bar in Washington, DC, would I?

Owned by a Latvian pharmacist’s grandson, it has table tops decorated with pills, mirrored medicine cabinets, display cases with potions and images of medicinal containers along the walls (says the Washington Post City Guide reviewer; more reviews here).

As prospective biocitizens of the world we cannot rely on Jessica and other locals to provide us with worthy tourist info. Wouldn’t a world guide to similar bars and restaurants around the world (including Singapore’s The Clinic, see earlier post here) be a worthy project for Intute or the Wellcome Trust? Should be combined with Google Maps of course.

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