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Biomedicine in museums

Artefacts meeting at Science Museum, 20-22 September

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The program for the Artefacts meeting at Science Museum, 20-22 September, has been finalised. It looks great! Medical Museion’s former senior curator Søren Bak-Jensen (now at the Copenhagen City Museum) will present some of the ideas behind the current exhibition ‘Split+Splice: Fragments from the Age of Biomedicine’. Here is the whole list of papers for the meeting:

  • Bruce Lewenstein, Cornell University.
    Can museum visitors learn about the relation of science and technology in museums?
  • Peter Donhauser, Vienna Museum of Technology.
    Science versus technology in a museum’s display. Changes in the Vienna Museum.
  • Benjamin Gross, Princeton University.
    “The Antithesis of the Attic”: Historical Artifacts, “Interactive” Exhibits, and the Presentation of Science at the Franklin Institute Museum.
  • Pnina Abir-Am, Brandeis University.
    “DNA at 50” in Museums of Science and Technology: Regional Culture, Medium, and Message.
  • Søren Bak-Jensen,  Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen.
    Relaying the aesthetic and artistic aspects of recent biomedical technologies.
  • Alfons Zarzoso, Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya. Gabarro’s Chess-Board Excision and skin grafting: medical exile in Word War II England.
  • Alison Taubman,  National Museums of Scotland.
    From Ships to Chips:  Collecting contemporary Scottish engineering.
  • Ben Russell, Science Museum.
    James Watt’s Workshop: from steam pioneer to creative professional.
  • Dirk Bühler, Deutsches Museum.
    Portraits of Architectural and Engineering Achievements.
  • Klaus Staubermann, National Museums of Scotland.
    Science and Technology as Practice: Dividing Engines in Museums.
  • Dirk van Delft, Director, Museum Boerhaave.
    The Quest for Absolute Zero: A Human Story about Rivalry & Cold.
  • Jane Wess, Senior Curator of Science, Science Museum.
    Pure Mathematics?: The Cleaning up of Context.
  • Jennifer Landry, Chemical Heritage Foundation.
    Beyond the Black Box: A different approach to interpreting the history of chemistry.
  • Frank Dittmann, Deutsches Museum.
    Paper on Robotics (title to be confirmed).
  • Tom Crouch,  National Air and Space Museum. Capable of Flight? The Interplay of Science and Technology In the Aeronautical Work of Samuel Pierpont Langley.
  • Jennifer Levasseur & Margaret A. Weitekamp, National Air and Space Museum.
    Moving Beyond Earth: Exhibiting the Space Shuttle and Future Human Spaceflight.
  • Paul Forman, National Museum of American History, Reflection on the workshop
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