More than a half a century of teaching

I have been teaching in universities for more than 50 years — first as a teaching assistant at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (1969-70) and Umeå University (1971-73), then as assistant/associate professor at Roskilde University (1973-1999) and finally as full professor at the University of Copenhagen (1999-2011).

I began my pedagogical career as a teaching assistant in enzyme chemistry for medical sophomores while I was doing research for my PhD at Karolinska. And after moving to Umeå to take up history of ideas and philosophy of science, I earned my living as a teaching assistant in zoophysiology.

In 1973 I took a temporary teaching assistant job in Roskilde, Denmark; a year later I was recruited to a tenure track position (assistant professor in evolutionary biology) and another year later I was promoted to associate professor. During the following 20 years, I gave courses in history, sociology and philosophy of biology (‘science studies’) to undergraduate and Masters students in biology and supervised hundeds of student groups (‘project reports’). After an internal re-allocation to the Department of Philosophy 1995, I taught history of science courses and supervised philosophy students for another four years.

After being appointed professor in history of medicine in Copenhagen in 1999, I began to give courses in the history of medicine and public health at the medical faculty and courses in science studies to students in medical engineering.

Unfortunately, I have lost most of my lecture notes. In the right column I will list all lectures I have been able to find information about in the archive. The few I have kept in digital format will be put online for the benefit of other teachers.


List of courses and lectures

1969-70: Teaching assistant, Medical programme, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm:
– laboratory courses in medical chemistry / biochemistry

1971-73: Teaching assistant + assistant professor, Biology programme, Umeå University:
– lectures in comparative physiology

1973-74, 1974-75: Teaching assistant + assistant professor, Natural Science Undergraduate Program [“Den naturvidenskabelige basisuddannelse”], Roskilde University:
– courses and supervision of student theses [“projekter”] in history and philosophy of biology

1975-1995 (on leave 1981-83, 1988-89, 1991-92): Associate professor, Natural Science Undergraduate Program [“Den naturvidenskabelige basisuddannelse” and Biology Graduate Program [“Overbygningsuddannelsen i biologi”], Roskilde University:
– courses in history and philosophy of biology (2-3 courses per year)
– supervision student theses [“projekter”] in history and philosophy of biology (4-10 groups per year)
– PhD course in rhetoric of science, Roskilde University, 1988
– PhD course in history and philosophy of zoology, University of Stockholm, 1978, 1980 and 1982

1996-1999 (on leave 1997-1999): Associate professor in science studies, Philosophy Graduate Program [“Overbygningsuddannelsen i filosofi og videnskabsteori”], Roskilde University:
– lectures in history of science (‘Från Babylon till DNA’):
– Aristoteles naturfilosofi och naturhistoria (26 September 1996)
– lectures in research ethics

1999-2016: Professor in history of medicine, University of Copenhagen
– Kursus i medicinens historie (antiken), January 2001.

– Lægen som filosof og filosoffen som læge: lægekunsten i antiken. 21/5 2000 (manuskript)