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Sleep DNA — the 'personalized' buzz has reached the mattress industry

I’ve learned about several kinds of DNA — non-coding DNA, junk DNA, satellite DNA, selfish DNA, triple-stranded DNA and so forth — but I’ve never heard about sleep DNA before. Until today:

Clue: I’ve been surfing around to find a new mattress for my aching back (bad REM sleep = bad blog posts) and found this ad by Ergosleep for a new system for measuring your body posture when you lie down.

It’s all about personalized bed adjustment. The French version spells the connection out even better (‘Your sleep DNA code is unique. You too’). It’s nonsense, of course, but it sort of sounds reliable and scientific, doesn’t it?

So what’s next? Sit DNA? Look DNA (buzzy neologism for the refractive error of your lens, i.e., the numbers your optometrist writes down for you when you need to order a new pair of glasses or contact lenses)? Or walk DNA? (shoe size).

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