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Biomedicine in museums

What's the role of medical museums in the emerging biosociety?

By November 30, 2011No Comments

What role can science communication units and sci-tech-med museums play in the emerging biosociety?

The forthcoming conference ‘Towards a sustainable bio-based society: aligning scientific and societal agendas for bio-innovation’ in Amsterdam 9-11 May 2012, might provide some food for thought.

Organised by the CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences, the three-day meeting will bring together academics, policy experts and industry to identify key trends in ‘”the co-evolution” of contemporary biosocieties and life science research on the other and “develop a roadmap towards a sustainable bio-based economy through the alignment of scientific and societal agendas”. Relevant topics include reflections on the societal aspects of the following issues:

  • Sustainable bio-innovation
  • Societal impact of synthetic biology and bionanoscience
  • Private/public partnerships and IPR
  • Biomimesis, biomaterials and biofuels

More info from and from Olga Crapels at

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