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Biomedicine in museums

Physics meets biology: Perspectives from philosophy, history and science (Edinburgh, 18-20 November)

By September 4, 2008No Comments

Have forgotten to announce the ‘Physics meets biology’ meeting at the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 18-20 November 2008. Interesting because, as the organisers say, collaboration between physicists and biologists has generated a host of fascinating philosophical problems; e.g., they often disagree about the role of hypothesis in research, what an explanation is, etc. Such differences have practical consequences for interdisciplinary research and also for the border area between applied physics and biomedicine. The Edinburgh meeting brings together physicists, biologists, historians, philosophers and science policy makers; confirmed speakers include Evelyn Fox Keller (Science and Technology Studies, MIT), Kevin Dunbar (Psychology/Brain Science & Education, Dartmouth), Steven French (History and Philosophy of Science, Leeds), Michel Morange (Biology & History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, École Normale Supérieure, Paris), Gregory Radick (History and Philosophy of Science, Leeds), Otávio Bueno (Philosophy, University of Miami), and Darrell Rowbottom (Philosophy, University of Bristol). More info on

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