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The historical relation between human enhancement and succesful ageing — new postgraduate project here at Medical Museion

By December 3, 2009No Comments

We have just recruited Morten Hillgaard Bülow as a PhD candidate. The three-year stipend is financed by the new interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Copenhagen. The Center was established last year with a budget of 300 mill. DKK for a five-year period — and a smallish amount of the total will be used for studies of healthy ageing science communication in a museum context here at Medical Museion.

Morten’s project is titled “A genealogical study of the concept of ’successful aging’ and its relation to the idea of ‘human enhancement'”. More specifically, the project will investigate how the notion of ‘successful aging’ has been understood and defined in the field of neuroscience over the last decades, and how ‘successful cognitive aging’ has played together with discussions about the possibility for so called ‘cognitive enhancement’. Morten will present the project in our seminar series in January and more details will also appear here on the blog.

By the way, Morten is not a newcomer to Medical Museion. Four years ago he spent a couple of months with us as part of his studies in history and philosophy at Roskilde University (where he earned his MA last year) to work out a ‘value strategy’ for us. Welcome back to Medical Museion, Morten!

(soon I’ll present our new postdoc — stay tuned!)

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