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Sweet gift basket for my teeth

By February 15, 2009No Comments

The other day a package arrived in my office with a variety of sweets — from licorice candy to suger coated almonds. Yummy.

Who would send me a two pound sweet gift basket? In the bottom of the package was a short letter (in Danish): “Many thanks for your help in reviewing scientific articles … [“Vi takker mange gange for din hjælp med bedømmelse af faglige artikler …”].

Signed by the editor of Tandlægebladet, the journal of the Danish Dental Association. That’s sweet of them!

Is it a case of subtle self-irony? A mistake? Or maybe it just reflects a change in overall dental health policy over the last decades: the notion that what keeps your teeth healthy is not avoiding candy, but cleaning your teeth and using dental floss regularly.

Thomas Söderqvist

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