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Biomedicine in museums

Significant medical objects

By August 14, 2009No Comments

Haidy Geismar’s post on ‘significant objects’ gave me an idea for a curatorial game that might increase the awareness of the importance of the material culture and aesthetics of biomedicine and biotechnology:

  1. ask a faculty member/graduate student/technician to choose a favourite biomedical object, i.e., an object which is of some significance for them personally, workwise or otherwise.
  2. the object may be old or new, small or big, ugly or beautiful, doesn’t matter
  3. but it shall be an object, not an idea, image or text
  4. ask for at description/story/anecdote connected with the object
  5. and a technical description of the object
  6. and a photo if possible — or pay a visit and snap one
  7. post the story on your blog (preferrably this blog 🙂
  8. approach the next faculty member/graduate student/technician

and so forth — then wait for awareness of the material culture and aesthetics of biomedicine to spread like a virus.

Thomas Söderqvist

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