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Biomedicine in museums

Genetics, normality and democracy — a seminar series in Lund in the autumn

Everyone in southern Scandinavia interested in genetics and democracy should take the opportunity to attend a seminar series organised at the University of Lund in October through December. Dates and preliminary speakers include:

October 27

  • A. Hedgecoe, Sussex: “The Politics of Personalised Medicine”

November 17

  • A. Clarke, Cardiff: “Genes, Knowledge and Autonomy: Whose Knowledge? What Knowledge? When?”
  • H. Gottweis, Vienna: “Operating Biobanks: Towards the Governance of Disappearing Bodies”

December 8

  • L. Koch, Copenhagen: “The Politics of Life – past and present use of genetic knowledge”
  • B. Wynne, Lancaster: “Genetic Risk – expert and lay perceptions”

More details later (or contact Niclas Hagen,, for more info).

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