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Biomedicine in museums

New metaphors for sci-tech-med museums

A couple of years ago, Camilla Mordhorst and I were playing with the idea that the museum was like a blog. What would Medical Museion be like of it was modelled on Biomedicine on Display?

I thought about our discussions when I read Mia Ridge’s report from the recent Digital Communication and Heritage meeting at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. She says, among other things:

I was thinking about new metaphors for museums – what if we were Amazon? A local newspaper? A specialist version of Wikipedia? A local pub? A student blog? A festival, a series of lectures, or a film group? A pub quiz? Should a museum be at the heart of village life, a meeting place for art snobs, a drop-in centre, a café, a study space, a mobile showroom?

So what if Medical Museion was an operation theatre? A GP waiting room? An IVF clinic? A café for medical students? A meeting space for patient organisations? Or a showroom for medical device producers?

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