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Biomedicine in museums

Science blogging — and the power, beauty and fragility of science

By October 16, 2008No Comments

Today’s poetic quote on science blogging from Deepak Singh:

I think all of us have bemoaned the lack of depth in mainstream scientific coverage, in the shallowness of press releases. One of the roles we [i.e., science bloggers] can play/should play is bringing reality to the science many of us love and breathe. To highlight the beauty and power of what we do and its fragility. To explain the potential of scientific discoveries, yet keep them real and not make them sound like a silver bullet to solve all ills

That’s why I think (again and again) that In the Pipeline is such an excellent science blog, because it brings the reality — both the beauty and the fragility — of the lab into life. The power of plain talk.

Thomas Söderqvist

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