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Museum Boerhaave saved until 2016

By January 4, 2012No Comments

In the late spring of 2011 we received the bad news that Museum Boerhaave (our history of science sister museum in Leiden) was in the risk zone of loosing its state support if it couldn’t raise enough “extra eigen inkomsten” by the end of the year.

But yesterday’s good news is that the museum has now succeeded to raise the extra income and can receive state support until 2016. As Marta Lourenco writes today on the public rete mailing list:

However, perhaps the most important thing to note is that the Boerhaave has successfully raised one million euros from donors in such a short period – and that is truly remarkable for any museum of science in the world, let alone in present-day Europe.

Congratulations, all dear friends and colleagues in Leiden, to your good work in the past year!

Read more here (unfortunately only in Dutsch).

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