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Biomedicine in museums

A rebuilt — please save the archive!

By November 7, 2008No Comments

The museum blog-feed aggregator, launched by Jim Spadaccini (Ideum) in 2006, is a major source of information about what museum affiliated bloggers think. Due to overload it has now been rebuilt with a lot of structural changes, a somewhat revised interface design, and (claims Spadaccini) much better performance. It now carries feeds from 274 museum-related blogs.

Jim isn’t sure what to do with the aggregated collection of 224,093 posts in the archive: “it may not be worth saving as it contains only partial posts and the majority of the original blogs are still available”. But where else can future blog historians and historians of museology get an overview of the museum segment of the blogosphere in the years 2006-2008? Please, think like a historian would do, don’t delete the archive!

Thomas Söderqvist

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