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Biomedicine in museums

April events at Medical Museion: Lucy Lyons, David Pantalony, and Lars von Trier's Epidemic

The last two weeks in April, Medical Museion will host a number of events —  including a workshop+seminar +exhibition opening with Lucy Lyons, a seminar with David Pantalony from the University of Ottawa, and a film screening (Lars von Trier’s Epidemic) as part of CPH PIX film festival.

Lucy Lyons:
On Friday, 27 April, we will open an exhibition titled Experiences of Ageing, which presents drawings and objects from Lucy’s two-year postdoctoral research fellowship here at Medical Museion, funded by the Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Copenhagen. Lucy Lyons uses drawing as a method for gaining understanding of unfamiliar objects and to develop greater insight into the familiar — in this case the often overlooked aspects of ageing. The exhibition will run until 21 October.

The day before, on Thursday 26 April at 7pm, Lucy Lyons and her colleagues, Mette Bersang and Joanna Sperryn Jones, will give a hands-on workshop, where they and the participants can examine everyday medical objects through drawing, photography and much more. Tickets are very limited, so book now if you’d like to take part. Read more here.

Right before the exhibition opening on Friday 27 April, at 3pm, Lucy Lyons will give a MUSE Seminar titled ‘Artistic research: interventions with Medical Museion’, where she will talk about how she uses art in her reasearch, and how this art has now become its own exhibtion at Medical Museion. Read more here.

David Pantalony:
On Tuesday 25 April  David Pantalony from the University of Ottawa will give a MUSE Seminar titled “Examine first, ask what it is later: The multiple interpretations of 20th century scientific artifacts”. Here he will talk about a series of workshops at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, which put artefacts centre stage in order to experiment with new ways of thinking about the often-opaque objects of late 20th century science. Read more here.

Lars von Trier‘s ‘Epidemic’ (CPH PIX 2012 Film Screening: How do epidemics change society?):
On Thursday 12 April the CPH PIX film festival and Medical Museion will show Lars von Trier’s film ”Epidemic”. The film is one of von Trier’s earliest, and centers on a director and a scriptwriter, who are making a film about a fatal disease when suddenly life begins to imitate art. Before the screening, assistant professor Adam Bencard will give a short talk on the history of epidemics in Denmark, and how they have affected the way we organize our cities and health systems. Tickets cost 100 DKK, and can be bought from the CPH PIX website.


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