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Is the challenge of botanical poetry lost forever in Copenhagen?

By October 4, 2010No Comments

Today, the wonderfully informative mailing list of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in Cambridge (which refuses to turn into blog format) reminded me about the fact that in some parts of the world the humanities are still subjects of love and devotion.

Latin aficionados at the HPS department have a “a fun little reading group”, called Latin Therapy, which is dedicated to “deciphering Latin texts about the history of science, history of medicine, and anything else that takes our fancy”:

It’s a relaxed group, and all are welcome to attend – no matter what level of Latin you may have. To encourage new members of all abilities to come along for the first session of term, we’ll be starting with some gentle warm-up texts before moving on
to some more challenging botanical poetry…

“Challenging botanical poetry in Latin”. Oh, University of Copenhagen, where art Thou?

Added 5 Oct: The similarly informal Greek Therapy group doesn’t (judged from today’s message on the mailing list) seem to have as much fun as their Latin compatriots. Why? My experience is that Greek is much more fun than Latin.

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