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Nanoscale science under investigation: a new issue of Spontaneous Generations

By February 10, 2009No Comments

A new issue of Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science is out — with, among other things, a thematic section about science at the nanoscale edited by Isaac Record. For example, Joachim Schummer points out that science can be popularized by its ethics (engineering ethics is often propaganda for emerging technology); Joe Pitt explores the rhetorical and heuristic role of metaphor in nanotechnology (e.g., the information system and the machine metaphors); and Natasha Myers discusses how the metaphoricity of life is shifting from computer programme to machine metaphors. Other interesting contributions to the nano-theme inlude Otávio Bueno’s paper on the visual evidence at the
nanoscale and Eric Winsberg’s piece on nanoscale models and simulations. SponGe is an open access (peer-reviewed) journal and all papers are downloadable here. Enjoy!

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