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Biomedicine in museums

Science Museum’s new history of medicine website _Brought to Life_

Science Museum’s new history of medicine website Brought to Life has been completed and is available online. 4000 new images of artefacts from the collections linked to 16 specialised themes on medicine across time. Each theme

  • Belief and medicine
  • Birth and death
  • Controversies and medicine
  • Diagnosis
  • Diseases and epidemics
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health and illness
  • Practising medicine
  • Public health
  • Science and medicine
  • Surgery
  • Technology and medicine
  • Medical traditions
  • Treatments and cures
  • Understanding the body
  • War and medicine

is associated with bibliographies and interactives suitable for teaching at several levels. Under a creative commons policy the images are available for download.

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