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Biomedicine in museums

Yet another display of contemporary objects opens in Bredgade, Cph

There are already two museum sites for the display of contemporary objects (in a historical context) in the street of Bredgade in central Copenhagen: the Danish Museum for Art & Design (Kunstindustrimuseet) in Bredgade 68 and Medical Museion in Bredgade 62.

A few months ago a third site — Drud & Køppe gallery contemporary objects — opened in Bredgade 66 (nr. 64 is for less contemporary objects = the Catholic Church).

They (Birgitte Drud and Bettina Køppe) will show “contemporary objects created and produced exclusively as unique exhibits” and to “express points of view, comments on human existence, artistic traditions and perspectives”.

Their present exhibition (with ceramic artist Michael Geertsen) leaves me pretty cold, I’m afraid — but otherwise the gallery room is absolutely great, and I think we could learn much from their display practices. Drud & Køppe remind me of the porosity between cultural history museums, art museums and art galleries. Maybe we could exhibit our newly acquired electron microscope (see the Picture of the Month, November 2006) in their gallery? Or a selection of pill cameras?

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