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Why should academics spend valuable time blogging?

An article in the current (5-11 Aug) issue of the leading weekly magazine of progressive global capitalism, The Economist, asks why economists spend valuable time blogging? Because it is “a place in the intellectual influence game” as an interviewee puts it. The article concludes that blogging professors may actually help raise the economic status of their institutions: “Prominent professors with popular blogs are good publicity” for a university — and thus for its income.

Probably not so in Scandinavia, however, where universities are largely immune to the influence of the market; yet the argument for spending time blogging is valid even for a scientist or a humanities scholar in Copenhagen or Lund: it’s a megaphone in the intellectual influence game. And what else, in the long run, is academic work about? Or to travesty Bruno Latour: “Give me a science blog and I will raise the world”.

Thomas Söderqvist

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