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Biomedicine in museums

Who shall be the new head of biomedical history at NIH?

The National Institutes of Health are ending their search for a new director of the Office of NIH History with a series of public seminars by the candidates for the position:

  • Thu 29 March: Dr. Marcia Meldrum of the University of California, Los Angeles: “Measure for Measure: James Hardy and Henry Beecher on the Problem of Pain and Analgesia, 1940-57”.
  • Tue 3 April: Dr. Terry Sharrer of the National Museum of American History: “Collecting a Revolution; Interpreting Medicine since 1950″
  • Wed 4 April: Dr. Leo Slater of the Office of NIH History: “Telling the Story of NIH: Two Episodes in Malaria Research at NIAID”
  • Thu 5 April: Dr. John Swann of the FDA History Office: “Superfluous Flesh and Desiccated Thyroid: Origins and Etiology of Obesity and Its Pharmaceutical Therapeutics”
  • Tue 10 April: Dr. Joel Howell of the University of Michigan: (title to be announced later)
  • Thu 12 April: Dr. Robert Martensen of East Carolina University: “History in NIH/ NIH in History: accomplishments, challenges & opportunities”

For more information, contact the Office of NIH History here.

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