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Visualising Science: Image-Making in the Constitution of Scientific Knowledge

By October 17, 2007No Comments

Anthropologist Mark Auslander and philosopher Andreas Teuber at Brandeis University are convening a symposium called “Visualizing Science: Image-Making in the Constitution of Scientific Knowledge” (part of their fall 2007 meeting series, Mirrors of Science) on Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 3.40-7pm at the Rose Art Museum:

This symposium explores the enigmatic relationship between science and art, with particular attention to the power of visual images in scientific imaginations. Do visual images simply represent scientific data and concepts, or do images and image-making, at times, actively inspire, catalyze or constitute scientific insight? In what respects are scientists engaged in image acquisition directly or indirectly influenced by iconographic conventions drawn from the history of art? How, in turn, have artistic practices been mediated and shaped through scientific investigations and representational practices? Inspired by the art of Steve Miller, whose work explores the mysteries of protein structures, we will consider the visual dimensions of scientific thought in a range of disciplines.


-Images, Protein Crystallization and Organic Forms. Moderated by Mark Auslander. (Dagmar Ringer, Greg Petsko, John Lisman, Daniela Nicastro)
-Keynote address by Peter Galison (“Images of Objectivity’)
-Discussion moderated by Andreas Teubuer
-Images and Complex Fluids (Seth Fraden, Zvonmire Dogic, Bob Meyers)
-Images in Mathematics, Quantum Theory, and Computer Science (Albion Lawrence, Rosalind Reid)
-Commentary by Rick Parmentier and Peter Kalb.
-Address by Natasha Myers. Commentary by Steve Miller, Claudia Castaneda, Michael Rush, and Mark Auslander

Great initiative! — see also their website here

(thanks to Ingeborg for the tip)

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