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Biomedicine in museums

UMAC's (University Museums And Collections) konference i Uppsala 25.sept – 1.okt

Notér UMAC’s (University Museums And Collections) møde i Uppsala 25. sept – 1. okt ( Ideen bag mødet er at

“University museums provide windows for the public on the role of universities and on the importance of scientific research. We can play an important role in the communication of science and public awareness of research. University museums are actually at a great advantage due to their immediate access to state of the art technology and knowledge in fields such as IT, pedagogy and museum studies. The crucial point is how to communicate our purpose and indispensability. … The conference of 2005 aims to brightly illuminate existing examples of how this can be done!”.

Programmet er ret ufokuseret og rejser ikke nogle specifikke spørgsmål. Men det handler selvfølgelig om vores grundlæggende situation som universitetsmuseion. Tillæg 15. juli: jeg har sendt ind nedenstående abstract:
Tillæg 11. august: her er det foreløbige program

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