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The politics of human enhancement and life extension …

By February 11, 2006No Comments

Who feels inspired to take Paul Miller and James Wilsdon (eds.), Better Humans? The politics of human enhancement and life extension (London, Demos 2006; ISBN:1841801550) as his/her point of departure for a seminar and/or (web) exhibition about the history, presence and future of bodily self-improvement?

From the publisher’s website:

Advances in biotechnology, neuroscience, computing and nanotechnology mean that we are in the early stages of a period of huge technological potential. Within the next 30 years, it may become commonplace to alter the genetic make-up of our children, to insert artificial implants into our bodies, or to radically extend life expectancy. This collection of essays by leading scientists and commentators explores the implications of human enhancement technologies and asks how citizens and policy-makers should respond.

The individual essays, e.g.:

· Stronger, longer, smarter, faster – Paul Miller and James Wilsdon
· Is it wrong to try to improve human nature? – Arthur Caplan
· The transhumanists as tribe – Greg Klerkx
· Brain gain – Steven Rose
· Better by design – Sarah Franklin
· More life – Jon Turney
· The unenhanced underclass – Gregor Wolbring
· Does smarter mean happier? – Raj Persaud

and others can be downloaded from the website

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