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The Museum Detective — why museums should podcast

By February 20, 2008No Comments

I’ve just stumbled upon The Museum Detective, a website/blog dedicated to finding stories “from behind the scenes of the museum world”, edited by museum advisor/consultant Joanna Cobley in Christchurch, NZ.

Particularly noteworthy is the large number of posts with podcasts. For example this interview with Conal McCarthy, Director of the Museums and Heritage Studies programme at Victoria University in Wellington, NZ, who “takes us into the world of over-crowded display cases, ferocious custodians and sparse museum labels”. The perfect companion during my 25 min bike trip between home and work!

Joanna has also added a guide for podcast-beginners, including seven good reasons why museums should podcast:

    • It can help build more audiences (especially the digital native generation).
    • Extend the virtual museum visitor’s experience (which we know is growing).
    • Enhance existing educational resources.
    • Extend the reach of the museum’s public programmes e.g. lecture webcasts.
    • Disseminate research undertaken by museum staff.
    • It’s a relatively low cost, low risk venture.
    • It’s fun.

    (quoted from here)

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