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Biomedicine in museums

The blog medium in a museum context

By February 15, 2008No Comments

Camilla (here) and I (here) have earlier brought up the relation between exhibitions and the blog medium. Now Dave Johnson (Blogging Roller) reports from the 2nd annual North Carolina Science Blogging Conference a couple of weeks ago:

The last session I attended was devoted to helping the Museum of Life and Science (Durham, NC) figure out how to use blogs to engage and educate the public about nano-technologies (they’ve got an NSF grant to do things like that).

I have tried to find more info about the project on the Museum of Life and Science’s website: Are they working with the two media separately? Or do they somehow integrate them? I guess we have to write directly to Troy M. Livingston, the museum’s Vice President for Innovation and Learning, who gave the talk.

Otherwise I haven’t found any place that experiments with mixed blog-exhibition media. Anyone out there who can help?

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