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Biomedicine in museums

Template-busting branding

As one of my colleagues, Claus Emmeche at the Faculty of Science has recently pointed out, the amounts used by Danish universities on branding have tripled since 1999. The global phenomenon of ‘academic capitalism’ (see e.g., Sheila Slaughter and Larry Leslie, Academic Capitalism: Politics, Policies and the Entrepreneurial University, 1997) with its increasing competition between more and more business-oriented universities will inevitably also lead to the boosting of communication and marketing departments at universities.

Let’s imagine how Medical Museion could brand itself in this new global entrepreneurial environment. Here’s a humble suggestion:

The future is now — tomorrow keeps happening today at Medical Museion

The staff at Medical Museion is notoriously impatient. We keep trying to get the jump on the times through forward-looking innovations and template-busting breakthroughs. Our unquenchable thirst for improvements will transform global museology and will spawn new museum models all across the cultural spectrum. Inventive knowledgeship is fermenting at Medical Museion, from the conservator’s workshop to the postdoc’s office. And business-friendly policies are making Medical Museion’s creative gifts more available to international funding than you might have imagined. Hitch your wagon to a rising sun.

(freely adopted from an ad in the last issue of The Economist)

There are plenty of examples out there which any template-busting and breakthrough-hungry university department could use in its branding activites. Only your imagination will set the limits — hitch your wagon to a rising sun!

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