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Telling the Past Now: Historiographies for the 21st Century, Aarhus 22-24 November

A conference and PhD course titled “Telling the Past Now: Historiographies for the 21st Century” will be held 22-24 November at the University of Aarhus.

“Telling the Past Now” brings together leading scholars from a variety of fields in an interdisciplinary effort to discuss the challenges, possibilities and modes of writing history today and for the future. Participants will engage state of the art debates and problematics concerning the conceptualization and execution of historical writing. Topic areas will include theory, culture, things, images, narrative, cognition, public perceptions, biographies, gender, place and forgetting. Confirmed speakers: Kristin Asdal (University of Oslo), Warren Breckman (University of Pennsylvania), Allan Megill (University of Virginia), Nancy Nersessian (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Thomas Söderqvist (University of Copenhagen)

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