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Biomedicine in museums

Symposium on historical scientific (incl. medical) instruments in Lisbon in September

By January 19, 2008No Comments

The 27th Symposium of the Scientific Instrument Commission will be held at the Museum of Science, University of Lisbon 16-21 September 2008. Topics include ‘Instruments and spaces’ and ‘Instruments, heritage and society’. For more info, see

Anyone interested in the collection, preservation and display of historical medical science instruments might get something interesting out of this meeting. Unfortunately, however, it overlaps in time with two other closely related meetings of interest for medical museum people, viz. that of the University Museums and Collections (UMAC) in Manchester 16-20 September and that of the European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Sciences (EAMHMS) in Edinburgh 17-21 September. Medical museum curators may find it difficult to choose between these three meetings. Why weren’t they better co-ordinated and differentiated in time?

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