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Biomedicine in museums

Seminar for object-research project presentations

A good seminar idea worth emulating: post-graduate students in the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science (Cambridge) have a joint seminar where they present their research based on objects from the collections of the Whipple Museum of the History of Science. In today’s seminar, Friday 19 May (why do they always announce these events so late?) the following will present their object-research projects:
– Melanie Keene, ‘Every boy & girl a scientist’: instruments for children in inter-war Britain
– Sophia Davis, The pocket electronic calculator in advertising: touching numbers
– Salim Al-Gailani, Twentieth century toy chemistry sets: Cultures of magic, science and masculinity
– Margaret Olszewski, Papier-mâché flowers, fruits and seeds: the botanical models of Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux.

Thomas Söderqvist

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