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Biomedicine in museums

Science on stage

At the occasion of the 60th birthday of Svante Lindqvist, Director of the Nobel Museum in Stockholm (and member of our Advisory Board), a one-day celebration seminar will be held on Friday 25 April. Under the heading “Science on Stage”, John HeilbronTore Frängsmyr, Paolo Galuzzi, Sven Widmalm, Jim Bennett, and Kjell Espmark will raise questions about the role of science in public life and the relation between science, theatre and music, and their talks will be interspersed by music and theatre performances. Access is restricted to registered participants—contact Ulf Larsson,, before April 14. Full program (in Swedish) below:

9.30–10.00 Registrering och kaffe
10.00–10.30 Professor John Heilbron, Oxford
10.35–11.05 Professor Tore Frängsmyr, Uppsala universitet
11.10–11.30 Anita Björk framför avsnitt ur Copenhagen
11.35–12.05 Professor Paolo Galuzzi, Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Florens
12.10-13.30 Lunch
13.30–14.00 Professor Sven Widmalm, Linköpings universitet
14.05–14.35 Dr James A. Bennett, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
14.40–15.00 Pierre Nordahl, luta, framför en del av sitt program “Sfärernas musik” om familjen Galilei
15.05–15.30 Kaffe
15.30–16.00 Professor Kjell Espmark, Svenska Akademien
16.05–16.45 Romeo- och Juliakören

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