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Science blogs on the march

By August 13, 2006No Comments

Science blogs are not among the most popular on the net. But they exist and some are highly ranked. News-nature has just listed the 50 most popular science blogs (i.e., blogs written by scientists). The most popular (Pharyngula) has rank 179 of the approx. 51 million blogs out there (per 13 August 2006) listed by Technorati.

Being linked to by high-rank blogs will probably soon have the same status for science communication people as a paper in Nature, Cell or PNAS has for scientists, and it is therefore probably just a question of time until they will flash their blog’s ranking on their CV’s.

[Added 14 Aug: according to Technorati six (yes, six!) blogs have linked to this humble blog and they have done so altogether ten (yes, ten!) times. This is a hilariously small number; in other words we are almost invisible (in spite of the hundreds of spam comments we receive every day). Yet our Technorati rank is 511,002 — in other words, we belong to the top 1% of all blogs. Probably says more about the remaining 99%, but nevertheless …] [Added 17 Aug: now we suddenly have rank 449,157. What have we done to deserve this huge jum in ranking. ..]

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