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Biomedicine in museums

Representing Contemporary Biomedicine in a Museum Context

By December 28, 2006No Comments

On Monday 29 January 2007, we (the Medical Museion research group) will present our research project on the historiography and museology of contemporary biomedicine at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. Here’s the program:

  • Thomas Söderqvist: Introduction: The Problem
  • Søren Bak-Jensen: Out of Time: Collecting and Storing Kidneys for Transplantation.
  • Hanne Jessen: What is a Laboratory Animal? A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Human-Animal Relationship in Biomedical Research.
  • Sniff Nexø: A Matter of Disposal: Enacting Aborted Foetuses in Danish Hospitals.
  • Susanne Bauer: Displaying the Biopolitics of Epidemiologic Risk Assessment: The Precard® Software as a Museum Object.
  • Jan Eric Olsén: Representing Virtual Surgery in the Medical Museion.
  • Camilla Mordhorst: Conclusion: Possible Solutions.
  • Fredrik Svenaeus (Södertörn University, commentator)

Time: Monday 29 January, 4-7pm, followed by a postseminar buffet. Venue: The Swedish Academy, Källargränd 4, 2nd floor, Gamla Stan, Stockholm (around the corner to the right of the Nobel Museum main entrance). Prebooking: at 

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