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Regulating contemporary biomedicine: Data monitoring in clinical cancer trials

By December 5, 2007No Comments

Yet another wish-I-were-there seminar organised by the History of Medicine Divsion at NLM (NIH), namely on 12 December, when Peter Keating (U Quebec, Montreal) shall speak about “Who’s Minding the Data? A History and Sociology of Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Cancer Trials”. Here’s Peter’s abstract:

Modern biomedicine is based on a number of novel institutions and practices running the socio-technical gamut from third-part payers to molecular biology. In order to function, these institutions and practices require a degree of formal and informal regulation that themselves form a spectrum from tacit conventions to legal mandates. In this we contribute to our ongoing investigation of these institutions and the forms of objectivity they generate by examining the emergence and development of DMCs and by discussing some of the issues and problems raised by this novel form of regulatory objectivity.

The seminar takes place in the Lister Hill Visitor’s Center on NIH Campus @ 2-3.30pm. Maybe they will video-record the seminar? Just to remind you all: Peter is co-author (with Alberto Cambrosio) of Biomedical Platforms (2003), one of the books that inspired our own research programme.

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