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Reality in the making

The Finnish artist Ville Lenkkeri from Taideteollinen korkeakoulu (the University of Art and Design in Helsinki) is just now showing the photo exhibit ‘Reality in the Making’ at Peter Lav Photo Gallery in Valby, Copenhagen. One of the pics is this one:

which has more than superficial resemblance with some of the precious objects in our collections at Medical Museion. As the gallery writes in its online presentation:

With a sense of humor, the series revolves around the various forms of models, tableaux and representations that we find particularly in museums and other institutions. Through the documentation of the laboriously made constructions, Lenkkeri focuses on how, and to what extent, we stage life around us, creating clear and readable scenarios.

Lenkkeri works with a range of fundamental types of depictions, each one brings into play different circumstances concerning these tableaux. In one type of photographs, he emphasizes the actual representation of the scenarios within the institutional framework, as well as the sharp distinction that is made between a fictitious room and a real one.

Peter Lav’s Photo Gallery is in the heart of the new (and vibrant, they say) Valby art district on Carl Jacobsens Vej, just around the corner from where I live — so I think I’ll go and take a look some day in the near future. Does anyone want to get along? We can take a beer at Venners Hjem afterwards (see review on here, they don’t have their own website for sure :-).

Ville Lenkkeri has also just published a book with the same tiel, i.e., Reality in the Making (Hatje Cantz, 2006).

(thanks to Stine Hebert for drawing my attention to this new exhibit)

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