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Radiology pic of the day — web-generated 'body-mindedness'

For those who cannot live without their daily dosis of radiological (x-ray, CT, PET, or ultrasound) picture exposure I highly recommend Radiology Picture of the Day, a fusion blog that combines medical professionality with an apparent urge to display iconographically compelling material.

Almost every day since November 2006, Laughlin Dawes, a radiology registrar at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick outside Sydney, has put a picture on his blog — either from his own clinic or sent in by one of the twelwe radiologists around the world that regularly provide him with material.

The use of specialist medical vocabulary in the captions indicates that the aim of the radpod-blog is to be informative and didactic, not to provide aesthetic experiences — but where to draw the line?

The most popular pic (by number of clicks?) among the ~300 put on display so far is this ultrasound pic of gallbladder polyps:

It is said to demonstrate “multiple non-shadowing, non-mobile, polypoid lesions .. typical of cholesterol polyps, representing the focal form of gallbladder cholesterolosis”. More info for specialists here.

The radpod-blog is but one example of a large number of blogs and websites that furnish the web with a rapidly growing number of internal body pictures, which in turn contribute to what one might call web-generated ‘body-mindedness’? (This is in fact something that Jan Eric is working on right now, using the endoscope as a case in point.)

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